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Paris - La Ville Lumiere
Description: Excellent travelogue of 1930s Paris with prominent monuments and examples of Parisian culture. Cityscapes of the city and views of prominent boulevards and structures. Excellent footage of Parisians dining at sidewalk cafes, buying French bread, and enjoying leisure time in the park. Shoppers at used book stands, florists, newsstands, and searching for bargains at sidewalk sales. Traffic on city streets, crowds boarding buses, and porters carrying luggage at train stations. Footage outside and inside of the Louvre with galleries and prominent artworks.
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Clip #: TFA-158
Length: 29:35
Year: 1936
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Filmmaker: Andre de la Varre
Region: Europe
Country: France
City: Paris
Original: 35mm
1930's, France, Parisians, Parisiens, French, cities, urban, metropolitan, bridges, buildings, children, fountains, gardens, government buildings, monuments, palaces, churches, cathedrals, religion, Catholicism, rivers, rowboats, sidewalks, street signs, skylines, cityscapes, vistas, time-lapse shots, street cleaners, street sweepers, streets, street scenes, parks, lakes, buses, swans, ticket machines, ticket dispensers, tickets, museums, art galleries, paintings, Greek sculptures, neoclassicism, neoclassical, Nike of Samothrace, Italian Renaissance, portraits, romanticism, painters, artwork, replicating, replications, copies, Les Invalides, Opera Garnier, Notre Dame de Paris, waiters, waitresses, pastries, sidewalk cafes, outdoor cafes, drinking, eating, food, restaurants, dining, antique cars, 1930s cars, parapets, Dome des Invalides, merchants, sales, discounts, bargains, department stores, gates, street vendors, shopping, stores, shops, sidewalk sales, flower stands, bouquets, sightseeing, newspapers, newsies, newsstands, Montmartre, rowing, night shots, night scenes, trains, train stations, railroad porters, sports, Belle Epoque, horses, horse-drawn ice wagons, parapets, Arc de Triomphe de la Porte, Saint Denis, bakeries, bakery, patisserie, prisons, jails, gothic architecture, Peter Paul Rubens, US Embassy, policemen, traffic cops, mounted police, neon lights, street lights 01:00:00:00 Title card: "Andre de la Varre presents 'Paris: La Ville Lumiere;' Vignettes of the crossroads of the world; Age old, ever beautiful, ever charming 'Paris'". Paris VS train porters smiling at CAM. WS group of train porters on platform smiling at CAM (good shot, service employees, Parisians, customer service). Passengers exiting train at station. Porters passing luggage through train windows & carrying multiple suitcases on platform. WS INT train station. 01:01:20:24 Paris Car POV following traffic. LS traffic along boulevards. CU nude sketches on wall. Porter talking to middle-aged couple. VS PAN Place Vendome w/ Vendome column (partially obscured), Ritz Hotel (Hotel Ritz Paris) & Ministry of Justice. WS Avenue de l'Opera leading to Palais Garnier (Paris Opera). VS traffic on busy streets in Place de l'Opera (buses, cars, pedestrians). Mounted military policeman (Genderme). VS policeman (traffic cop) directing traffic, giving directions to pedestrians. MS facade Palais Garnier (Paris Opera). Traffic on Rue Auber. 01:03:13:00 Paris Rue de la Monnaie. VS crowds of shoppers rummaging through bins of goods outside "La Samaritaine" department store. Street vendor talking to customer. Woman looking at stacked blankets. Street vendor sitting by bin of pillows. (good shots, shopping) VS florist selling fresh-cut flowers at stand. VS CU beautiful flowers. VS florist talking to customer. CU bouquet of spray roses. Florist hands bouquet to customer. 01:04:17:06 Paris WS traffic on Champs Elysees. Pedestrians walking past newsstand w/ sign for Chicago Tribune. VS people buying newspapers at newsstand. Female newsie behind counter. Man reading newspapers at newsstand. VS Porte Saint-Denis (St. Denis Gate) on Rue St. Denis. VS traffic on busy streets. LA view from street of Basilique du Sacre Coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart) on top of Butte de Montmartre (Montmarte Hill). Horse-drawn ice wagon on street, driver climbing aboard. 01:05:43:14 - 01:06:49:28 Paris Baskets of French bread being delivered on carts. VS people leaving bakeries (patisseries) carrying loaves of French bread (great shots, French culture). Street cleaner sweeping water coming out of gutter (street sweeper). MS street sweeper working & smiling at CAM. End of Part One 02:00:00:00 Paris Pedestrians near entrance to Metro station (subway). TD "Metropolitan" street sign to people walking out of entrance. MS woman studying subway map. Woman pushing button on dispenser for bus ticket. MS couple taking bus tickets from dispenser on street. CU pushing button for ticket from dispenser. People boarding rear of crowded bus. LS WS people seated at sidewalk cafe on Champs Elysees. Waiter serving couple seated at outdoor cafe table. Waitress serving pastry to customers. Waitress holding tray of pastries for sale (Getty 238-13) (good shots, French culture) 02:01:44:05 Paris Bois de Boulogne VS people walking in park, sometimes near roadway. LS WS people playing badminton in park clearing. VS people in rowboats on lake in park. Elderly woman collecting money from people seated in chairs near lake. Swan in lake. VS rowboats on lake in park. (good shots, leisure activities) 02:02:49:21 Paris VS bridges over River Seine. PAN Pont Alexandre III (Alexander III bridge) over River Seine. VS CU gilded neoclassical statues on top of Alexander III bridge. Pont Royale bridge w/ Tuileries Palace in BG. WS LS Pont des Artes. Fisherman carrying net & crossing bridge. VS fishermen fishing off banks of River Seine. LS WS Pont Neuf. WS facade Palace of Justice. WS Pont Neuf w/ Conciergerie jail in BG. 02:04:26:21 Paris CU Notre Dame Cathedral Rose Window. VS Notre Dame facade w/ tower & spire. TD Cathedral West facade to street level. VS religious statues / figurines along facade. Crowds outside entrance. Woman reaches roof of tower. VS tourists walking along top of Notre Dame tower looking out at city vista. HA gargoyle on top of tower overlooking Paris cityscape w/ River Seine & Eiffel Tower in BG. CU VS gargoyles on top of tower, cityscape in BG. 02:06:54:14 Paris People sitting in small park w/ Pont de la Tournelle in BG. WS Pont de la Tournelle (Tournelle bridge). LA Statue of Saint Genevieve on top of column w/ Notre Dame in BG. Notre Dame Cathedral facade from Southeast across River Seine. VS bookstands along parapets. Man flipping through art prints hanging in stall. VS people shopping & browsing at book stands. Bookseller talking to customer. 02:08:10:05 Paris MS facade Musee de Petit Palais. LS on Pont Alexandre III (Alexander III bridge) w/ Grande Palais in BG. LS Hotel des Invalides. WS LS traffic on Rue Soufflot w/ Pantheon in BG. Facade Church of Invalides (St. Louis des Invalides). Children riding donkeys in park. 03:00:10:00 INT Louvre, Paris LS man walking past statues in Galerie Daru. HA time-lapse people walking through statue gallery looking at statues. LS time-lapse people walking through Venus de Milo Gallery. MS Venus de Milo Statue. LS people walking up Daru Staircase looking at Victory of Samothrace Landing statue. Statue of Winged Victory of Samothrace. 03:00:50:28 INT Louvre, Paris View from staircase, TU from bottom floor to painting galleries entrance on second floor. VS people looking at paintings in gallery. LS time-lapse people walking through Grand Galerie. VS artists (students) copying paintings. Female artist copying Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres's "Odalisque in Grisaille." Artist painting on canvas attached to easel. CU artist turning head to study painting. People quickly walking through gallery of paintings. 03:01:45:11 INT Louvre, Paris VS paintings hanging in gallery. Elizabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun's "Self portrait with her daughter Julie." Jacques-Louis David's "Madame Recamier." James Whistler's "Arrangement in Gray & Black No 1 (A Portrait of the Artist's Mother)." WS Pieter Pauwel Rubens Gallery w/ large canvases. VS details on Rubens' Marie De Medici paintings. WS LS Grande Galerie. Man looking at Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa." WS LS time-lapse people walking through Grande Galerie. 03:02:57:19 Paris HA PAN from Louvre of Tuileries Garden & Place du Carrousel. VS Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in Place du Carrousel. VS flowerbeds of Tuileries Gardens. Toy sailboats on fountain in Tuileries Gardens. Fountain in Tuileries Gardens w/ Obelisk of Luxor & Arc de Triomphe in BG. 03:04:16:13 Paris American Embassy in Place de la Concorde. MS Eglise de la Madeleine (Church of the Madeleine). CU pediment w/ sculpture of Lemaire's "Last Judgement." WS Eglise de la Madeleine at end of Rue Royale. Traffic circling Obelisk of Luxor in Place de la Concorde. WS LS traffic on Champs Elysees leading to Arc de Triomphe. PAN avenues branching off around Rond Point. LS Champs Elysees from behind fountain w/ Arc de Triomphe in BG. WS traffic on Champs Elysees leading to Arc de Triomphe. VS Arc de Triomphe. Crowd gathered around the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier & Eternal Flame. HA burning eternal flame (cuts out). WS traffic on Champs Elysees leading to Arc de Triomphe. MS Eiffel Tower from behind gates of Trocadero, which are then opened. 03:05:51:13 Paris Night shots (all shots very dark). Illuminated neon sign for "Cafe de Madrid.". Waiters serving customers at tables. VS shop window displays. Jewelry window displays. TD Olympia Theater marquee. VS neon signs & movie theater marquees (newsreel houses - actualities). Streetlamps illuminating facade Palais Garnier (Paris Opera). MS illuminated facade Eglise de la Madeleine. VS traffic on Place de la Concorde, illuminated by streetlamps. LA row of Corinthian columns along side of building. VS LA illuminated Obelisk of Luxor & Place de la Concorde fountain. Title card: "Finis" 03:08:00:00 OUT

This is an HD transfer. Transferred from 35mm. Original 35mm nitrate elements no longer available.

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