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The Story of Sulphur
Description: An industrial film about the mining, refining and uses of Sulphur.
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Clip #: MF-26B
Length: 8:10
Year: 1936
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1930s
Region: North America
Country: United States
Subject: Mining
Original: 16mm
1930s, sulphur, sulfur, sulfur wells, male workers, Gulf of Mexico, steam boilers being used to bring sulphur to surface in liquid state, melted sulfur being pumped into vats from well, sulfur becoming thicker as cooling and being pumped from receiving vats into big wooden tanks, elevated walkway from wells to storage vats, dried sulfur, male workers drilling and tamping dynamite in solid sulfur, dynamite explosion crumpling up pile of solid sulfur into small pieces, steam shovel being used to load broken up sulphur into freight train cars, freight train carrying sulfur departing, rotating piece of native sulfur as found in volcanic regions, crystals, rhombic octahedron, man�s hands breaking up sulfur sticks, roll sulfur, man�s hands crumbling sulfur, flowers of sulphur, FOS, man�s hand dropping roll sulfur into beaker of water and dipping litmus paper to record no change, man�s hand adding flowers of sulphur to beacon of water, stirring with spoon and dipping litmus paper in water to reveal strong acid reaction, milk of sulfur being made in beaker, sulfur being heated and poured into water to form brittle mass, prismatic sulfur being made, monoclinic sulfur, man�s hand breaking up hardened prismatic sulfur to reveal crystalline structure, rotating prismatic sulfur after being heated, thickened and added to water, sulfur being heated to high temperatures, and added to water to form plastic sulfur, man�s hand using knife to mix sulfur, charcoal and potassium nitrate (saltpeter) together to form gunpowder, black powder, man�s hand using lit match to ignite gunpowder, explosion, man�s hand pouring out lime made with oyster shells and mixing with sulfur, man�s hands breaking open mixed lime and sulfur to reveal white powder residue resulting from combustion, man�s hand painting �x� with white paint which seems to leave no mark, white "x� becoming luminous when exposed to light, man pouring out carbon disulfide and using lit match to ignite it, carbon bisulphide, sulfur exposed to air burning with blue flame and bursting into brilliant flame when oxygen is added, burning sulphur mixed with chlorate, man�s hands mixing sulfur and sodium thiosulfate to form complex salt, man rubbing hand with rag to remove stain made from iodine, man mixing sulfur with hydrogen to form sulphuretted hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, gas bubbling up from iron sulfide, pointer pointing to actions from gas on painted surface containing lead, sulfuric acid

Original film elements no longer available

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