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Japan- An Independent Nation
Description: Explores the cultural, agricultural and industrialization of Japan, from traditional cultural practices to the nation's ever increasing modernization.
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Clip #: TFA-246A
Length: 23:49
Year: 1980
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1970s
Region: Far East
Country: Japan
Subject: Religion
Original: 16mm
1970s, Japan, rugged coastline, mountains, seas, islands, village near boats moored on beach, fishing village, mountains looming over body of water, rocky stream, treetops, mountainous woods, farmland, crop fields, Japanese people, rice harvesting male and female farmers carrying rice straw and feeding through machine, boy playing in pile of rice straw bundles, rice cultivation, rice straw bales hanging to dry, female farmer shucking corn, women working in terraced field, cow grazing in terraced field, giggling boy, fishermen using nets to fish from boats, fishing boats, fishing fleets, shipbuilding, shipyard, shipbuilding yard, shipyard workers, supertankers and container ships being built, port, cargo ships, map showing Japans location to the rest of the world, festival with people wearing traditional clothing and carrying umbrellas / parasols, men performing traditional dances, procession, paintings depicting history of Japan during isolationism and as trade opened to Western nations, Meiji period, industrialization, factory workers, factories, early 1930s, industrial goods being made to equip Army, Navy and Air Force, sailors walking towards ship, World War II, combat footage, Attack on Pearl Harbor, atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, aerial demolished cityscape, children and adults walking amongst ruins, Genbaku Dome still standing after bombing, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Peach Memorial, Memorial Cenotaph, pedestrians in business attire walking on city sidewalk, traffic on busy street, factory, machines, female factory workers, automotive manufacturing plant, male automotive manufacturing workers, oil importing, oil refineries, map showing world oil consumption and relation to population and gross national product, male workers in uniforms doing calisthenic exercises outside, male workers huddled together and raising arms in air, male and female office workers talking on telephones and working at desks, men discussing business matters at table, female worker looking at financial material coming out of printer, pedestrian crossing, crosswalk, pedestrians waiting at corner to cross street, city street scenes, modern buildings, heavy traffic, people shopping, stereos and radios on display in store, McDonalds, television sets on display, man and woman looking at refrigerators for sale, hair salon, woman reading magazine with blond fashion model as she has hair styled, woman having hair styled, women reading magazines as they sit under hair dryers, stylist holding mirror behind woman so she can see hairstyle, people grocery shopping in supermarket, checkout, market, vendor picking up eggs to wrap in newspaper, fish vendors slicing fish, woman carrying child on her back, pedestrians walking in rain, some carrying umbrellas, elderly woman pushing cart, policeman directing traffic, multiple crosswalks, pedestrian crossing, train station, people walking up steps and waiting on platform to board packed train arriving at stations, white gloved station attendants pushing people into crowded train and saluting conductor as train departs station, mid rise residential apartment buildings, family seated around short table, child drawing and holding up drawing of womans face, mother and child laughing, family praying at altar in home, shrine, Buddhism, Shintoism, people praying at Shinto shrine, incense burning, worshippers chanting as they pray, Buddhist temple, women and girls dressed in kimonos, Childrens Day, Japanese paintings, Kabuki performance, sword fight scene from movie being filmed on set, samurai cinema, sumo wrestling match, baseball game, baseball spectators cheering and eat, Lets go Giants on scoreboard, spectators applauding and cheering, some waving banners, people playing pachinko, man and woman looking at food displays outside Japanese restaurant, Japanese cuisine, people dressed in kimonos eating hot pot, Nabemono, nightlife, neon signs on buildings illuminated at night, Fuji Film sign, singer and band performing on stage, people disco dancing, park, many people rowing in boats on lake, boy dressed in sailor fuku school uniform eating corn dog-like food, men playing game on park bench, woman painting on canvas, child and adult playing frisbee, man helping boy pour water over Buddhist statue, son sitting on fathers lap, father pointing to pictures of objects in book as boy saying the corresponding English words, children playing soccer, association football, girls dressed in sailor fuku school uniforms carrying schoolbags and walking on narrow street, students dressed in uniforms posing in group for class photo, University students seated around table attending class, young men seated on bicycles and talking, protest with protesters wearing surgical masks and holding banners, face masks, protesters applauding, politician giving speech from roof of campaign bus, people of varied ages voting, people putting ballots into box, National Diet, election results news program being shown on television, cityscape with skyscrapers and high rise buildings, skyline, pedestrians, businessmen wearing suits, heavy traffic, crosswalk, pedestrian crossing, workers assembling windshield on car in automotive manufacturing plant, men talking on telephones in office, modern office buildings, man sweeping street as pedestrians walk past, woman dressed in modern attire walking next to woman dressed in kimono, women and child dressed up in kimonos, boys dressed in uniforms playing baseball, credits over various scenes of everyday Japanese life

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