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Big Trains Rolling
Description: Publicity film detailing how trains have kept the United States economy going by transporting passengers and freight.
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Clip #: TFA-262A
Length: 24:55
Year: 1955
Color: Color
Sound: Sound
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1950s
Region: North America
Country: United States
Subject: Railroads
Original: 16mm
1950's, trains, railroads, train crossing railroad bridge, rural vistas, river with mountain in distance, canyon, waves rolling onto rocky coast, farmer using tractor, United States Capitol Building, United States map, prairie, waterfall in forest, grain field, bubbling river with mountain in background, village skyline, New York City, Manhattan skyline, cityscape, skyscrapers, train traveling along water, low angle passenger and freight trains speeding past, Florida East Coast Railway train, man and woman sitting down in observation car and greeting people sitting behind them, dome car, viewing car, train pov forest landscape with mountain in distance, NKP freight train carrying iron ore / coal, workers guiding crane onto L & N freight train, freight train traveling through snow covered rural landscape, produce stand at market, railroad personnel uncoupling train cars, lone train cars traveling on tracks, railroad yard, railroad station, train pov traveling on tracks, low angle train speeding past, trains traveling through mountainous landscapes, people traveling through countryside on horseback and covered wagon, early trains, locomotives, Western Maryland railroad train traveling through city streets, sheep grazing in pasture near barn, raw materials being dumped into freight train to be transported from mine, cityscape, low angle passenger train speeding through rural area, rotary snowplow clearing snow from railroad tracks, trains crossing railroad bridge, house, boy and girl struggling to close suitcase and carrying out of bedroom, mother waving goodbye to children as they leave house and get into taxicab, taxicab driving away from house as child waves goodbye out of window, large and small railroad stations, passenger train pulling into station, Los Angeles, Union Station, Railway Express Agency station, workers preparing to load packages onto train, rail car exterior being cleaned in railroad yard, cooks loading cuts of raw meat into dining car, Western Maryland locomotive being serviced at engine house, workers servicing locomotive rotating on turntable, taxicab pulling up outside train station as children get out and porter follows them inside carrying their luggage, boy and girl buying round trip tickets from ticket clerk, ticket clerk stamping tickets and handing them to boy, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway train pulling into station, men loading trunk into baggage car, worker loading mail into mail car, worker using mechanical washer to wash train windows, people waving goodbye and embracing as passengers board train, girl and boy boarding train, boy and girl sitting down in train car as porter sets down their luggage, conductor shouting "all aboard" and signaling to engineer, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway train slowly starting up and speeding through countryside, girl and boy sitting down in rotating seats in observation car and pointing out locations to each other, viewing car, dome car, train pov traveling through countryside, conductor collecting tickets from children, railway postal clerks sorting mail in postal car, people eating in dining car, dining car stewart showing children to table, handing them menus and taking their order, cooks preparing meals in dining room kitchen, cook slicing and putting food on platter, dining car stewart bringing check to children eating ice cream as boy tells him to keep change, train speeding through countryside, stewart bringing and pouring drink for man seated in dome car lounge, passengers seated and talking as they look out windows, sleeping car, woman sleeping in individual roomette, man lying down in bed in individual roomette, bedrooms, compartments, man and woman reading in spacious drawing room, woman lying down and reading in sleeping car lower bunk bed, stewart helping girl climb up ladder into upper level bunk bed, boy getting into lower bed, girl turning off light and going to sleep, close up train traveling on tracks, passenger and freight trains speeding past, man carving and serving meat to family seated at table, woman examining back of sailor outfit worn by little girl, man putting lump of coal into fire as girl sits by and watches, agricultural machinery being used in grain field, train transporting grain to grain elevator, mill, workers using forklift to transport bags of flour, man's hand removing loaf of bread from grocery store shelf, cattle grazing on Western range being rounded up, men loading cattle into railroad cars to be transported to packing yards, cattle cars, stock cars, man's hand pointing to raw meat at butcher, man's hands carving meat on platter, man setting down empty crates next to workers picking crops from trees, perishables being loaded into refrigerator cars as icing machine dumps ice inside, freight train transporting iron ore from mine, blast furnace, men rolling railroad wheels, train pov traveling over bridge, coal train, coal being transported on conveyor, steam locomotive traveling at night, freight trains transporting logs and lumbers, men raising timber frame for house into position, workers harvesting cotton using machines, textile mill, worker using power loom to turn cotton into cloth, oil train, port, crane loading crates into cargo ship hold, train transporting goods to be loaded into "Gulf Shipper", freight trains, passenger train speeding through night, university campus, girls playing volleyball, football game in stadium, spectators cheering, train arriving at station as people wait on platform, boy and girl disembarking train and being greeted by aunt and uncle waiting for them on platform, engineer getting into position and looking out of cab window, train pulling out of station as children walk hand in hand with aunt and uncle on platform, passenger trains in motion, cityscape, people horseback trail riding in mountainous area, women wearing swimsuits sitting on beach, man fishing near waterfall, waterfall in mountainous area, man skiing downhill, sailboat race, passenger and freight trains in motion, waiter serving food to women seated at dining car table, United States Capitol Building and Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, automobiles driving on busy road, churches, children leaving school, university campus, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, smiling female and male students sitting on building steps and standing outside building, women drawing, train traveling over bridge

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