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From Athens Through the Adriatic to Venice
Description: Travelogue from 1930 of Venice featuring prominent landmarks and vistas of the city. Extensive footage of the Piazza San Marco with well-known buildings / structures and tourists feeding pigeons. Excellent shots of gondoliers on the canals and beauty shots of the city at sundown / twilight. People relaxing on the beaches at Lido.
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Clip #: AD-36
Length: 19:55
Year: 1930
Color: B/W
Sound: Sound
Library: Getty Images
Decade: 1930s
Filmmaker: Andre de la Varre
Region: Europe
Country: Italy
City: Venice
Original: 35mm
1930, Italy, Mediterranean, Europe, Italians, Venetians, Europeans, Canal Grande, St Marks Square, Saint Mark, Saint Theodore, Canale di San Marco, bell towers, procuraties, Byzantine Architecture, Gothic Architecture, Italians, Doge's Palace, Bridge of Sighs, St Mark’s Campinile, Saint Mark’s Basilica, Saint Mark’s Clock Tower, The Door of the Paper, canals, boats, bridges, palaces, churches, cathedrals, statues, sightseeing, tourists, sightseers, resorts, resort towns, beaches, swimmers, sunbathing, artists, painters, maps, clocks, night shots, silhouettes, sunsets, dusk Map of Mediterranean pointing from Greece to Italy. Venice, Italy People on boat going down Bacino di San Marco approaching Piazza San Marco. Boat POV past row of gondolas docked on banks of Piazza, along side of Palazzo Ducale. WS Ponte dei Sospiri over canal. Crowds walking up steps. Boy scouts eating on Piazza & throwing crumbs at pigeons. Docked gondola w/ domes of Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in BG. MS artist wiping his hands & studying his painting of Piazza. Banks of Bacino di San Marco. CU statues on top of San Marco & San Teodoro columns. Embellished Foscari Arch of Palazzo Ducale w/ Scala dei Giganti behind. Women in Palazzo Ducale great courtyard looking at bronze wellhead (cast by Alfonso Alberghetti). CU carved figurines on side of wellhead. PAN view of Piazzetta San Marco from balcony of Palazzo Ducale. WS “Letterboxed view” Piazzetta San Marco w/ row of docked gondolas in FG. TU Campanile di San Marco. Piazza San Marco, Venice VS facade Basilica di San Marco w/ pigeons flying in front & woman feeding pigeons. CU artist drawing picture of Basilica. TU facade Torre dell'Orologio. CU TU from clock face to gilded statue of Virgin Mary w/ baby Jesus, lion of San Marco, & bronze statues of Moors w/ bell at top. CU Moor statues ringing bell. Piazza San Marco, Venice Woman & child buying birdseed from vendor. CU birdseed cones. PAN people feeding pigeons on Piazza. Woman kneeling & feeding flock of pigeons. TU from pigeon on woman’s head to pigeons feeding from her outstretched hands. Pigeons drinking from base of wellhead. CU pigeons drinking & bathing from water spout. (good shots, Venice, Venetians, tourists) VS glassblowing process. Melting glass in furnace, bubble rises from heat. VS CU sculpting hot glass to form animal figure. Displaying finished piece mounted on pole. Men unloading fruit baskets from gondola & carrying on their heads. Gondola full of fruit baskets going down canal. Gondola POV going down canal past old buildings, passing underneath Ponte di Rialto bridge, past other gondoliers rowing w/ tourists in gondolas (excellent shots of Venice). Bows of docked gondolas bobbing in current. MS people crossing bridge over canal. HA gondolier sleeping in gondola (good shot, Venetians, naps). Headshot woman & boy in gondola going down canal. VS Piazza San Marco from Bacino di San Marco. LS WS San Marco column from across Piazza. CU statue of San Teodoro w/ Saint Theodore stepping on crocodile. CU winged lion statue on San Marco column. Embellished figurines on side of building. LS people walking underneath portico (probably Procuratie Vecchie). Bobbing gondolas docked by land. PAN row of docked gondolas. Sailboat on canal going past Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in BG. PAN crowds on Piazza San Marco, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in BG. TD Campanile di San Marco to facade Basilica di San Marco. CU bronze horses on balcony of Basilica di San Marco. Sailors walking past Syriac columns near La Porta Della Casa. CU knight statues on side of building. Gondola on canal. Lido PAN people walking on beach. Venice Woman hanging laundry on line over canal. VS gondoliers rowing on canals. Gondola docked near doorway of building. Rain falling on empty outdoor cafe tables & chairs. People leaving boat near Ponte di Rialto running for cover from rain. VS buildings & street scenes along canals. Bows of docked gondolas bobbing in glistening current (good shot). WS LS Piazza San Marco from across Bacino di San Marco. Bow of gondola bobbing in current. WS Piazza San Marco from across Bacino di San Marco w/ gondola (good establishing shot). Gondolas on glistening canal waters. LA winged lion statue on top of San Marco column & tower of Campanile di San Marco. WS people walking on Piazza San Marco. Facade Palazzo Ducale. Ponte dei Sospiri. VS women feeding pigeons on Piazza San Marco. Pigeons eating off woman’s hands (good shots). CU embellishments on side of building. People lying on ground to drink from fountain spout next to wellhead. Pigeons drinking from fountain. Dog curiously looking at fountain spout. Facade Basilica di San Marco. CU Basilica mosaics. VS pedestrians walking through narrow streets & looking at shops. VS San Marco winged lion statue on side of Basilica di San Marco. Boat POV along Grand Canal / Bacino di San Marco past Basilica & approaching bridge. People on gondola going down canal approaching Ponte di Rialto. MS gondolier peddling. VS gondola POV going down canals (good shots). WS Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute & Campanile di San Marco from across canal (dark). Lido VS shore w/ people wading in water, moored rowboats. PAN Lido coastline w/ large resort hotels (including Excelsior Hotel?). VS people relaxing on beach chairs underneath shaded awning on beach. VS adults & children wading in water. (good shots, resort towns, beaches, leisure) WS sundown over silhouetted Piazza San Marco across Bacino di San Marco. WS twilight w/ gondolas on glistening Venice waters (great shot, beauty shots, Venice). VS side of Palazzo Ducale w/ San Marco column. TU Torre dell'Orologio facade, CU people near statues of Moors as they ring bell. WS Venice canal w/ gondola, people walking across bridge.

Transferred from an original 35mm nitrate negative which is no longer available

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